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This page will help you playing Candy Box


[edit] Starting

So you have started your Box here!
You will first see a button to Save,


A counter for candies,

You have x candies!

and a button to eat all the candies.

Eat all the candies

Make a save as soon as possible. Eat candies if you'd like, but start saving them up. Eating candy will increase your HP. This will be useful for later, but at this point you don't have enough candies for it to matter much. Anyways, you need them for other things.

When you reach 10 candies, you get

Throw 10 candies on the ground

This button has no use, and the candies you've thrown can't be gotten back (except for later, with the Computer.)

[edit] The Candy Merchant

When you have at least 60 candies, the candy merchant arrives in the bottom corner of the screen.

       |   '.|  __
       | ___.--'  )
     _.-'_` _%%%_/
  .-'%%% a: a %%%
      %%  L   %%_
      _%\'-' |  /-.__
   .-' / )--' #/     '\
  /'  /  /---'(    :   \
 /   |  /( /|##|  \     |
/   ||# | / | /|   \    \
|   ||##| I \/ |   |   _|
|   ||: | o  |#|   |  / |
|   ||  / I  |:/  /   |/
|   ||  | o   /  /    /
|   \|  | I  |. /    /
 \  /|##| o  |.|    /
  \/ \::|/\_ /  ---'|
   The candy merchant
 "   Hello, I'm the   
   candy merchant. I  
   would do anything  
    for candies. My   
     lollipops are    
       delicious!     "

[edit] Dealing better with the Candy Merchant

===100 free candies for repeatedly clicking on the merchant's hat

===Lollipop price reduced to 50 candies for 1 lollipop and 450 candies for 10 lollipops for repeatedly clicking on the lollipop.

[edit] His offers

[edit] Lollipops

He'll first offer you one lollipop for 60 candies. These will be useful later.

Buy a lollipop (60 candies)
but if you click the lolly pop enough, you can lower the price to 50 candy

When you have 500 candies (450 if one lollipop costs 50 candies), the discount will appear :

Buy 10 lollipop (500 candies)

He'll also say :

"   There's now a    
    discount for 10   
  lollipops! Buy them 
    please.. I need   
      candiiiies!     "

[edit] Swords

He first offers a wooden sword, that will appear at 150 candies.

     / \
     | |
     | |  
     | |
     | |
Buy the wooden sword (150 candies)

Buying it will let you access the "Inventory" and "Quest" tabs. To see the others swords, report to the article: Swords.

[edit] Others

Once you have bought the Diamond Sword, you can buy scrolls and potions from him

[edit] The Real Questing Begins!

Once you get a sword you can start questing in the peaceful forest. The peaceful forest is perfectly safe; you cannot lose here.

You might want to let the game idle for a few minutes to get enough candies for a Copper Sword or even better an Iron Sword before starting with the forest, simply to make it go faster.

From there, sit back and relax as the quest advances by itself! Feel free to click on other tabs while the quest is running; it will continue in the background.

The forest has a decent chance to give you the lollipop farm key which you will need later, and a very small chance to give you some other rewards. the most important of which is the swamp map. Repeat the wooden forest until you get the swamp map.

If you have very bad luck or spend a lot of time idling then you might end up with the diamond sword before you get the swamp map, in that case start doing the goblin mountain until you get the swamp map.

[edit] Swampy Swamp

Click your inventory tab and click on

Go to the Swampy Swamp

From there, keep waiting until the frog arrives and answer his questions.

For a list of the answers see Swampy Swamp

When you'll have the chocolate bar, go to the Candy box and (if you have a polished candy diamond sword),

Use 1 chocolate bar to coat your sword with melted chocolate and make it incredibly powerful
      The ( O     O ) Frog
          /   . .   \
        /(           )\
      _/  \  \   /  /  \_
   .~   `  \  \ /  /  '   ~.
  {    -.   \  V  /   .-    }
_ _`.    \  |  |  |  /    .'_ _
>_       _} |  |  | {_       _<
 /. - ~ ,_-'  .^.  `-_, ~ - .\
          '-'|/   \|`-`

[edit] Mount Goblin

A silver sword is sufficient for making your way through Mount Goblin, nothing less!
Once you have finished the swamp you should have a bunch of candy. Use it to upgrade your sword to at least silver, if not all the way to Candy Diamond Sword.
At this point do Mount Goblin for candy to convert into lolipops. Your aim is to get a minimum of 50 lolipops to plant in the lollipop farm. Ideally a little more. At some point you want to stop buying lollipops and simply replant the income from the farm. As your farm income increases, you will at some point feel comfortable enough to use 30 lollipops for upgrading your sword to polished (and then immediately to chocolate).
Continue grinding Mount Goblin until you can afford to eat 1200 candies and buy 2 health potions.
If you got a lot of candy from idling instead of playing, then make sure to do Mount Goblin until you have acquired the seven-league boots and the sorceress hut map.

[edit] Underwater Cave

Once you have a chocolate sword, 2 health potions, and have eaten 1200 candies, you will be ready to take on the underwater cave. When your HP is at least 50 under your max, use a healing potion, but no more than 2.

If you are playing hard mode you will need 3 potions. Make sure to save before attempting this level.

You can also use a beserker potion, but it is not recommended because you get a limited amount.

[edit] The Wishing Well

Go to the wishing well, throw a candy and select a boon. I'd suggest you get
Give me lots of potions and scrolls

Which will give you a wide variety of necessary scrolls and potions. This is one of only two ways in the game to get berserker potions.

Be warned that the other two wish choices multiply your current amount of candies or lollipops, so if you have a small amount they would be wasted.

   /= ^ =_ ^-_- =  \
  /^ ==_  -_ = _ ^  \
 / =_ ^ -_  =   _  = \
 __||____ ___ ____||_
   ||    |===|    || '-'
   ||__ |  __] __]_|
   |_| ]__|__ _| __|
   |__[  _ ]_ __[_ |
   |_| _ |_ ]_ _[_ |

"   Here's ## various   
 potions and scrolls for
         you !!         "

The number of various potions and scrolls given is random. But should be close to 70 or so.

[edit] The Forge

    '-._     :_.-'
     .- ) _ ( --.
    :  '-' '-'  ;.
   /'-.._____.-' |
   |   |     \   |
   \   |     /   \
   |   \     )_.-'

"There's an anvil here. "

Go to the Forge, and

Sharpen your sword using the anvil

If it doesn't appear, you don't have a Chocolate Sword.

It is now time to enchant. This is an important choice, and cannot be changed without restarting or winning. All enchanted swords have a base damage of 14.

The Sword of Flames increases your damage beyond 14; it requires a Fire scroll. This is the best choice by far, as most of the tougher enemies must be fought under the effect of an invulnerability potion and have you juggle other special effects; this makes them die faster.

The Sword of Life is a decent second place; it requires a minor health potion. It keeps your damage at a static 14 while giving you 1+Sword_Level HP per hit. This is nice for survivability but is less effective than the fire sword against bosses. You will also get passive regeneration later on anyways, diminishing its necessity.

The Sword of Summoning is a trap, it sounds good but it is really awful, it requires an Imp Invocation scroll. It has a 50% chance of summoning a minion when you kill an enemy. the problem is that the summon deals less damage than the sword (except for level 6 where it matches it, and then level 12 it matches it again. Level 14+ it will deal more damage than the sword itself) and is very easy for enemies to kill. Most importantly, it will never match a same level sword of life or flames, and it will be completely useless against any boss fight (since there are no enemy minions to kill in order to trigger a summoning).

When you have both the sword and the scroll / potion of choice

Enchant your sword using a fire scroll

To get it,

If you do not have the right scroll or potion, you can buy them from the merchant. Note that which scroll you get is random, so it might take several attempts to get the right scroll.

You may also get this message

Enchant your sword using a health potion

This will give you the sword of life. It will allow you to do this each attack

14 damage + (X) hp restored when (X)=Level of Sword

[edit] Sorceress' Hut

.__/(|_/|  _|\_  |\_|)/__.
   | |_/|   ("}  |\_| |
   | |_/|i_.-@-._|\_| |
.__| |_/|8--,  .-|\_| |__.
     |_/|I  /==\ |\_|
     |_/|I  |   \|\_|
._   |_/|I__/___\|\_|   _.
  '-.|_/          \_|.-'

"  See by yourself. My   
 prices are high, but the
 spells are great! (1 klp
  means 1000 lollipops)  "

So, you'll need to have the map to the Sorceress' Hut, and a HUGE amount of lollipops (so, plant as many lollies as you can, until production maxes out at 100/s with 17402+ lollipops planted).

Throw 10 lollipops inside the hut


Well... That might be interesting
Then, you can leave.

[edit] Castle Entrance part 1

The castle entrance shoots a dot at you that pushes you back to start of map, and spawns a massive (but finite) amount of guards and knights. It takes an obscene amount of power or resources kill all of them, however it is quite possible to finish it quicker via a well timed berserk potion (wait until only weak opponents block the path, it will take several tries so don't waste the berserk potion). If you are having trouble with this strategy, try to eat 300000+ candies.

[edit] Castle Stairs

Ghosts half your HP (be careful), piles of corpses harmlessly delay you. The easiest way to do this level is to summon an imp using a scroll (it will take all the ghosts). However, you could also just chug 1 or 2 potions. This level does not give any candy so there is no point in repeating it. It awards you with the Cauldron and Candy Converter.

[edit] Cow level

Once you get the Cauldron, buy an earthquake scroll and make some G.M.O.O.H. potions. Go to peaceful forest and use the G.M.O.O.H potions until you end up at the cow level, then immediately use the earthquake scrolls to get all cows except the cow king to 0 HP (they insta die as soon as you engage them without harming you). This gets you the "horn of plenty" which triples your lollipop farm output.

[edit] Castle Entrance part 2

You most likely did not get the armor the first time around in the castle entrance. Use the Cauldron to produce ~30 Major Healing potions. Then return to castle entrance and do it until you get it and finish the level.
At this point you should have this inventory :

     _   |##|   _
/o \_____
/\   ::   /\
   \ '.
|         |
| SWAMP   |
|    ---> |
  \  _|__
 __)|   /
(___|  (__
  /+|  |+\

|  __     |
| /lp\ -> |
| |__|    |
    / \
   /   \
  /     \
  )      (
 /        \
|          |

/  anvil  \
|   this  |
| <-- way |
  //  \\

!  ~    ~ !
!~    ~   !
! ~  ~  ~ !

If you do not then go back and get whatever you missed before proceeding to the Castle Keep.

[edit] Castle Keep

Dump candy into more HP (at least having eaten 40,000) and lolipops into upgrading your sword (at least level 5), then do the Castle Keep. To defeat the dragon you need to buy about 5 teleport scrolls, and craft in the cauldron about 5 seeds and about 5 invulnerability potions. Also take with you about a dozen major health potions.

Drink health potions as you progress through the rooms until you reach the dragon. If you have reached the dragon without finding the unicorn horn or the amulet then let him kill you, refresh your browser without saving, or escape with a potion and try again. If you have found the horn or amulet, then kill the dragon.

To kill the dragon you want to use an invulnerability potion as soon as you reach him. When it expires use a teleport scroll then a seed to buy you time to recharge the potion use. Then repeat until the dragon dies.

Repeat this level until you have both the horn and the amulet. Once you have the horn you can easily and safely grind the castle entrance.

it will help if you keep killing yourself and get rid of everything

[edit] Hell

Having a bunch of HP will make this level easier. Dodge demons and use Major Health potions to break through the first time. This may seem quite difficult at first, but with practice it will become doable. Then use a summon imp scroll to deal with the 2 waves of ghosts that follow. Finally, use an invulnerability potion against the devil.

[edit] Yourself

You could pay the sorceress 1 million lollipops to buy surpass yourself. But it is far cheaper to just hit him with a fire scroll (keep buying scrolls until you get one.) when your HP is below 35.

[edit] Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris's attack increases as time goes by, he will quickly get to the point where he 1 hit kills you. The solution is to never be hit. Use potion of invulnerability. Count the seconds, use a teleport scroll about 1 seconds before the potion expires, then delay with a seed or a second scroll until your potion counter expires and you can use another potion of invulnerability. Repeat about 5 times to win.

[edit] Developper's Garden

Most items and abilities will punished on this level,(If you use any major or minor potions on this level you will get reverted back to 4HP) and you are kept at 4HP. Simply use potions of invulnerability and teleport scrolls (sometimes two in a row) to kill all the gnomes.

[edit] Developper's Moat

Activate a turtle potion when you are about to step off the cliff to get through.

[edit] Developer's Computer

Save before attempting this level, as you might accidentally reload the page or do something else destructive. Fight past the bugs using standard strategy (potions, teleport scrolls, seeds, etc). When you get to the developer use a potion of invulnerability and then start mashing keys on your keyboard, one key (a-z, selected at random every time) will grant you victory. On most keyboards, you can just take three fingers, put them on q, a, and z, and move them to the right really fast!

[edit] Bonus Section

Congrats, you have beaten the game! Now for the bonus section. Eat all your candy. Then beat the Developper's Computer again. Then check the "Candies converter" button. After about 45 minutes, that will instantly convert the rest of your candies into lollipops, which you need for buying computer bugs. But before that time is up beat the Dev's Computer a couple more times to get some extra candy. Bug #3 will be most useful for getting a cool new sword, and multiplying your candies by 3 (!!!).

So, by now you've gotten a bunch of candy, and then converted them into lollipops. Now beat the Developper's Computer again, and then spend all your lollipops to multiply your candies as much as you can. Then, convert them into lollipops again. Repeat this strategy as needed to get tons of candy/lollipops. The level 5 bug gets you a nice sword, and once you unlock the level 8 bug you can pretty much change the game however you want. Cheers! See Developper's_Computer for details on the various bugs.