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[edit] General Strategy

  • Save your game after you complete each quest. If your browser crashes, you don't want to lose your progress.
  • Also save the game before you do a quest. If you fail the quest, you don't have to wait.
  • Want a particular scroll? Save your game, buy a scroll, and if its not the one you wanted then refresh and try again.

[edit] Candies

  • Once you can brew potions an easy way to make quick money when you need it is by using the cow level (aprox. 4000 candies/quest.)
  • Brew as many GMOOH potions as you would like without changing the base amount of candies (10,000.)
  • Enter the peaceful forest and use GMOOH potions until you reach the cow level.
  • Repeat as many times as needed.

[edit] Farming

  • Buy no more than 38 lollipops, what you need to reach 1 lp/min, then replant your farmed lollipops until you reach the cap (100 lp/sec) before spending any.
  • Do not plant more than 17,402 lollipops in the farm, your production can't go over 100 lp/sec. (You can reach 300 lp/sec later in the game with an item.)

[edit] Swords

  • Don't be tempted to enchant your Sharp Chocolate Sword right away with the Minor Healing potion, you may want to wait until you get more scrolls to see all of your options.

[edit] Computer

  • Using a Level 3 bug to multiply your candies over and over again, then converting them to lollipops using the Candies Converter is the quickest way to get to 10 trillion lollipops