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Scrolls can be purchased from the candy merchant for 400 candies after you purchase the Swords.

The scroll you receive is randomly selected.

Before you find the Magician's Hat, you will only be able to get the Fire, Acid Rain, or Teleport scrolls. After you find the Magic Hat, you have an even chance to get all five scrolls.

Scrolls are consumable.


[edit] Fire Scroll

This powerful fire scroll will burn your enemy if you use it during a fight.

Damage: 25 to 35 hp to enemy directly in front of you

Scroll countdown: 12 sec

[edit] Acid Rain Scroll

This acid rain scroll will instantly damage everyone in the whole land (including yourself).

Damage: 6 hp to all enemies and yourself (will leave you with 1 hp if you have 6 or less)

Scroll countdown: 12 sec

[edit] Teleport Scroll

This teleport scroll will make you go back to the beginning of a quest. Useful to rest a little bit !

Damage: none

Scroll countdown: 12 sec

[edit] Imp Invocation Scroll

This imp invocation scroll will, if there's enough space, invoke in front of you an imp which will fight for you.

Stamina: 15 to 25 hp

Damage: 5 hp

Scroll countdown: 12 sec

[edit] Earthquake Scroll

This earthquake scroll will inflict a lot of damage to everyone in the whole land.

Damage: 12 hp to all enemies and yourself (will leave you with 1 hp if you have 12 or less)

Scroll countdown: 12 sec