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Potions help you in many ways, from a minor potion that heals your damage to a potion that keeps you from taking damage!

PROTIP: use X*(all ingredients) to have X potions !

example 1 : use 1000 candies, mix 15 sec = 10 minor health potions

example 2 : use 1000 lollipops, mix, use 1000 candies, wait 20 sec = 10 major health potions

PROTIP2: When making seeds, let the cauldron burn for 1-2 sec before stopping and you will receive seeds AND cloning potions. Refer to the Combos section below.


[edit] Minor Healing

Use this minor health potion during combats to regain some of your health points !

These potions heal you for 50 HP. They can be bought from the candy vendor for 600 candies or be made in the Cauldron for 100 candies. Cooldown: 12 ticks

[edit] Escape

The escape potion allow escaping from a quest while avoiding any time penalty. It makes you flee really really fast !

Escape potion lets you flee from a quest. You forfeit any rewards you have collected as if you died, but there is no cooldown to wait through until the next quest.

[edit] Major Healing

This major health potion is twice more efficient than the minor one.

These potions heal you for 100 HP, but can only be made in the Cauldron. Cooldown: 12 ticks

[edit] Berserk

The berserk potions transforms you into a.. BERSERKEEEER !

Berserk potion makes you move faster and do more damage. The only way to get these is from the Wishing Well and the Swampy Swamp Frog. Cooldown: 12 ticks

[edit] Invulnerability

This invulnerability potion will make you invincible for some time, but it fills your stomach :
 you won't be able to drink another potion for a long time after using it.

These potions block all incoming damage! They can only be made in the Cauldron and cost both a lot of candies and time. Cooldown: 40 ticks

[edit] Turtle

When you drink a turtle potion, you become a turtle. Drawback : you walk slower. Benefit : you're way more resistant to your enemies' attacks.

This potion will make you move slower, but block a portion of incoming damage. These can only be made in the Cauldron. Cooldown: 11 ticks

[edit] Cloning

This cloning potion will, well... clone you. Your clone will have the same health points as you when you drank the potion,
but he won't have your armor nor your sword. He will fight using a \"cloned sword\", which deals a correct amount of damage.
The clone will be placed in front of you, if there's enough place.
Candies will become cloning potions at a ratio of 1337 candies per cloning potion
This potion creates a clone of yourself and behaves like a pet. Can only be made in the Cauldron or the Wishing Well.

Cooldown: 99 ticks

[edit] GMOOH

This "Get Me Out Of Here" potion will teleport you somewhere else. The destination isn't predictable at all.

Teleports you to a random location: the Peaceful Forest, the Sea, the Desert, or the Cow Level. You leave behind any rewards you may have collected. Cooldown: 0 ticks

[edit] Superman

This superman potion will give you a cape and make you look like superman for the rest of the quest !

This potion gives you a cape. For the rest of the quest, your avatar will look like this: (o- Cooldown: 11 ticks

[edit] Seed

This seed is able to make grow a
candy tree. The candy tree is made of
candies, and it takes a lot of time
to cut it down. Using the seed will
grow a tree in front of you, if
there's enough space.

This potion grows a magical tree in front of you.

In some cases (1% chance) the tree may be Yggdrasil. Otherwise, the tree has either 500, 600, 700, 800 or 900 HP with equal probability.


[edit] Jelly

This skillfully prepared jelly explodes on contact of anything trying to go through it, dealing high damage. Using it will place it behind you.

This potion puts a powerful explosive charge of jelly behind you. Cooldown:

[edit] Combos

If you mix exactly enough candies to satisfy two different recipes, you can make both for half the cost. Currently there are 3 recipe combos which work.

Minor Health Potion & Superman Potion

  • Step one in making minor health potions with bonus superman potions is to put 900 candies in your cauldron. Then mix for around 15 seconds, and tada! Nine minor health pots and five superman potions. This is the cheapest possible way to make the recipe combo.

Invulnerability Potion & Superman Potion

  • Put 18000 candies in your cauldron and mix until your arms hurt. Put in bottles to make 100 superman potions and 9 invulnerability potions. This is the cheapest possible way to make the recipe combo.

Cloning Potion & Seed

  • First, burn the water in your cauldron, then put 869050 candies in. Stop boiling and put into bottles to make 650 cloning potions and 1337 seeds. This is the cheapest way to get the combo without wasting candies. Since cloning potion does not require an exact amount of candies, you can make this combo cheaper.
    • You can put 22750 candies to make 17 cloning potions and 35 seeds. This is almost as efficient as the first recipe, for much cheaper.
    • For the cheapest combo, you can put 1950 candies to make 1 cloning potion and 3 seeds.

These are the cheapest ways to get the combos, but you can multiply the recipe by any whole number and it still works.