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    '-._     :_.-'
     .- ) _ ( --.
    :  '-' '-'  ;.
   /'-.._____.-' |
   |   |     \   |
   \   |     /   \
   |   \     )_.-'

"There's an anvil here. "

The map to the forge is obtained by completing the Underwater Cave.

At the Forge, there is an anvil that you can use to sharpen your chocolate sword.

Sharpen your sword using the anvil

This will give you the Sharp Chocolate Sword.

"You could enchant your sword using this anvil, but be careful : you can only enchant a sword once !"

The options for enchanting your sword will only show if you have that scroll in your inventory.

Enchant using a health potion
You now have the Sword of Life ! This powerful charm will drain the life of your enemies to regain yours.
Enchant using a fire scroll
You now have the Sword of Flames ! Your sword is covered by a permanent blaze, damaging your enemies more than ever.
Enchant using an imp invocation scroll
You now have the Sword of Summoning ! Your sword will sometimes spawn ally creatures in place of your dead enemies.