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Once you have "won" the game by beating the Developper's Computer, the Computer tab is unlocked.

You are inside the developer's computer !
This computer is able to affect the game in the strangest ways...
But, as usual, it's not free : you need lollipops to fully access the computer and execute bugs.
(1 mlp means 1 000 000 lollipops)

There are eight levels of bugs that you can create, each level is ten times more expensive than the last, with Level 5 bugs costing 10 Billion lollipops and Level 8 bugs costing 10 Trillion lollipops.


[edit] Level 1 Bug

Make a level 1 bug (1 mlp)

You found 1 chocolate bar !!

Gives you 1 chocolate bar


You found 2 chocolate bars !!! \o/

Gives you 2 chocolate bars


You found 3 chocolate bars !!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Gives you 3 chocolate bars


There's a bug with the bug, it didn't worked :/

Nothing happens

[edit] Level 2 Bug

Make a level 2 bug (10 mlp)

You met a _____†. He gave you ____ ‡ candies ! (1/3 probability)


The production limit of your lollipop farm has increased ! (*) (1/3 probability)


You picked up all candies you have thrown on the floor. (####) (1/3 probability)

† You can meet the following: "an architect", "a fireman", "a butcher", "an electrician", "a writer", "a student", "a farmer", "a shoemaker", "a monk", "a journalist", "a reporter", "a priest", "a translator", "a vet"

‡ You gain anywhere from 2 to 50000002 candies.

(*) : the effect will last until the next loading (hey, it's a bug after all) - maximum production limit is 10000 lp/s, which can be achieved by planting a total of 1728122 lollipops.

#### is the number of candies you have thrown.

[edit] Level 3 Bug

Make a level 3 bug (100 mlp)

Your found a new sword : the Sword of Liflamesummoning ! (1/3 probability, unless you already have a Sword of Liflamesummoning or a Sword of Randomness)


Your candies were multiplied by 3 ! (1/3 probability)


The level of your sword increased by 1 ! (5/18 probability)


Your sword lost 3 levels. (1/18 probability)


There's a bug with the bug, it didn't work :/

[edit] Level 4 Bug

Make a level 4 bug (1,000 mlp)

Fake bug ! I guess you'll need 10,000 mlp :)

[edit] Level 5 Bug

Make a level 5 bug (10,000 mlp)

You found a new sword : the Sword of Randomness ! (1/2 probability unless you already have one)


It's pony time !! Everyone is a pony now ! (*)† (1/2 probability unless everyone is already a pony)


There's a bug with the bug, it didn't work :/

†All units will become "PON" on the map. This change is purely cosmetic and their stats are not altered, save for the DEV whose random key win feature is disabled, making him nearly impossible to beat (it *IS* a bug, you know)

(*) : the effect will last until the next loading (hey, it's a bug after all)

[edit] Level 6 Bug

"No level 6 bug, sorry :( (maybe level 7 ?)"

[edit] Level 7 Bug

"Crap, no level 7 bug either :s Don't give up !"

[edit] Level 8 Bug

Make a level 8 bug (10,000,000 mlp)

"Welcome to the bug factory ! You now have access to the entire computer, and you can therefore create your own bugs."

Access to this tier becomes available at 10 Trillion Lollipops. Using any of the bugs here does not spend lollipops. However, if you randomize the number of lollipops you own and fall below 10 Trillion Lollipops, you will lose access to this tier. It is highly recommended to save prior to accessing any of the bugs in this tier.


There are 11 buttons under this category:

candies, candies thrown, candies eaten, candies per second, lollipops, lollipops planted, chocolate bars, scrolls, potions, sword, sword power.

Clicking any of these buttons (except "sword") will give you a random number between 0 and 1e+101 of the relevant item. Clicking "sword" will randomly change your sword.

Add a bug...

There are 6 buttons in this category:

background color (*), text color (*), text size(*), add a tab (dangerous) (*), edit everything (dangerous) (*), PURE RANDOM (seriously, don't save after this one)

Background/text/size color changes the background/text/size color randomly every 1-5 seconds

"add a tab (dangerous) (*)"

Adds a tab with one of the following phrases. Doing so makes all the tabs unclickable:

"tab", "i'm a tab", "hey look at me !", "i'm the best tab ever", "tabtab", "tab tab", "tabtabtab", "tab tab tab", "t", "a", "b", "taaaaab", "tabby tabby", "tabs are great", "pony", "mlp is great", "tabs will rule the world", "fake cauldron", "candy box", "did you found the 3 secrets on the candy box ?", "did you find the wooden pony ?", "c", "n", "d", "being a tab is all my life", "you're a tab", "i'm a tab", "thanks to Joufflu", "thanks to Cedric", "thanks to dixsept", "thank you", "no credits", "aniwey", "", "quit", "exit", "i wanna be a tab", "tab forever", "tab forevah", "a tab is like a box of chocolates", "chuck norTAB", "diablo", "usb key", "linux", "archlinux", "tab tab tab tab tab tab", "", "button", "don't click", "click me", "CLICKCK MEEE", "fake", "fake tab", "i'm not a tab", "you're the tab", "bat", "atb", "bta", "bat the tab", "supertab", "megatab", "metatab", "the whale was a fake", "the devil was a fake", "", "", "1/(vicious circle)", "hp = 100+(candies_eaten^0.4) * 2.1", "candies per second <=> fibonacci", "dev =", "eat the dev", "kill the dev", "candy", "candies", "lollipops", "best tab ever", "i'm clickable ;)", "click a tab", "tabby mabby", "tab01", "tab02", "tab03", "tab04", "tab05", "tab06", "tab07", "tab08", "tab09", "tab10", "tab11", "tab12", "tab13", "tab14", "tab15", "tab16", "tab17", "i'm searching for tab04 ?!", "where's tab15 ??"

"edit everything (dangerous) (*)"

allows all the text on all pages to be edited.

"PURE RANDOM (seriously, don't save after this one)" randomizes almost everything in the game including what items you have, how many objects you own, if and how long you are tired, what elements are in your cauldron, what your cauldron is doing, etc.