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[edit] The Cauldron

                 /         \                              
                /           \                             
               |             |                            
           ____\             /____                        
          ()____'.__     __.'____()                       
               .'` .'```'. `-.                            
              ().'`       `'.()                           

The Cauldron is unlocked by completing the Castle's Stairs quest.

[edit] Potions

For additional details and uses, see Main article: Potions

[edit] Potions Brewing Manual For Beginners

      ___________________   ___________________           
  .-/|   0   ~~**~~      \ /      ~~**~~   1   |\-.       
  ||||                    :                    ||||       
  ||||  Welcome to the    :                    ||||       
  ||||  potions brewing   :  The present       ||||       
  ||||  manual for        :  manual will focus ||||       
  ||||  beginners !       :  on potions that   ||||       
  ||||                    :  require materials ||||       
  ||||   (second edition) :  such as :         ||||       
  ||||                    :   - candies        ||||       
  ||||   __  __  __  __   :   - lollipops      ||||       
  ||||   )(  )(  )(  )(   :                    ||||       
  ||||  (__)(__)(__)(__)  :                    ||||       
  ||||___________________ : ___________________||||       

The Potions Brewing Manual For Beginners describes the ingredients and methods for brewing potions using candies and lollipops.

Here is the entire text, in an easy to read format:

[edit] Intro

Welcome to the potions brewing manual for beginners ! (second edition)

 __  __  __  __ 
 )(  )(  )(  )( 

The present manual will focus on potions that require materials such as :

- candies
- lollipops

[edit] Rules

The three rules of potion brewing

  1. The effect of a potion depends on its content as well as on the steps followed to prepare it.
  2. You can do several potions in one go.
  3. It's possible to mix instructions to brew potions of different types in one go.

[edit] Good potions

[edit] Minor health potion

The minor health potion is the easiest to brew for beginners.

Used during a quest, it will make you recover 50 health points.

For one potion, you will need 100 candies.

Put them in the cauldron and mix during about 15 seconds.

You can mix a little more or less longer, it doesn't matter so much.

When you're done, put the resulting mixture into bottles.

Congratulations ! You just made your first minor health potion !

N.B. : use 200 candies for 2 potions, 300 for 3, etc.

[edit] Major health potion

The major health potion is a bit harder to make than the previous one.

But it's also a lot more efficient : by drinking it during a quest, you will gain 100 health points instead of 50.

How to make a major health potion :

1. Put 100 lollipops into your cauldron. 2. Begin mixing forcefully. 3. While you're mixing, add 100 candies into the cauldron. 4. Stop mixing after 20 seconds. 5. Put the result into bottles. 6. You're done !

You can add X*100 candies and lollipops to have X potion in a row.

[edit] Invulnerability potion

This potion, although being quite easy to brew, require a lot of candies.

The recipe is simple : just put 2000 candies inside your cauldron and mix them until your arms hurt.

This potion will make you invincible for some time, during which you won't feel any pain or physical damage.

The actual time for mixing is 60 seconds, after which you get a message:

"mixing... too much mixing, your arms are hurting."

You can add X*2000 candies to have X potion in a row.

[edit] Strange potions

[edit] Turtle potion

A turtle ! A turtle ! Do you want to become a turtle ?

You'll be able to become one with this fantastic potion !

When you will be a turtle, you will resist a lot more to physical damage. But you will be slower, too.

Now, let's get down to business.

Put 10000 lollipops in your cauldron. Do not add any candy, or your potion will be a failure.

Now, heat up the cauldron until your preparation is boiling.

When it's boiling, stop heating it up and mix a little bit.

Add the same quantity of lollipops as you put at the beginning, and, one more time, heat up everything until it's boiling.

Stop boiling, put into a bottle, begin a quest, drink the potion, you're a turtle !!

   _  .----.
  (_\/      \_,

--~~~~Insert non-formatted text here ---- ''' == Bold text == '''

[edit] Headline text

[edit] Cloning potion

There's a little bit of candies in everyone of us.

This is actually a physical law of our universe.

Now, candies are a very malleable material.

These two facts led us to the realization of this cloning potion.

The potion will copy your inner structure and make a clone of you almost entirely made of candies (there's a bit of water, too).

Steps :

Burn the water in your cauldron.

Then, while it's still burning, add as many candies as you can.

It's simple : the more candies you put, the more potions you'll get !

(be sure to put a minimum quantity, though)

  \The circle
    of life\

To burn the water, let it boil for at least 32 seconds, after which you will get the message:

the water is burnt ! How is that even possible ?

The minimum quantity of candies needed is 1337. To create multiple potions, use multiples of 1337, like 13,370, 133,700, etc.

[edit] G.M.O.O.H. potion

G.M.O.O.H. means \Get Me Out Of Here\.

This potion is to be used in critical situations.

It will teleport you to another location.

Maybe it will be safer, maybe it won't. Who knows ? Quite exciting isn't it ?

First, put in your cauldron a base quantity of 10,000 candies.

Then, add 500 lollipops for each potion you want to brew.

Never change the base quantity of 10,000 candies.

Then, mix a little bit and put into bottles.

Enjoy your random potions !

This potion might bring you to the Cow Level, where you can find the Horn of Plenty, which triples your lollipop gain (brings the max to 300 lp/sec)

[edit] Superman potion

This potion will transform you into Superman, providing you a fantastic cape.

Some people say that this isn't useful.

We respond them that it is just so cooooool !

Anyway, to make one :

Put 180 candies in your cauldron.

Mix them.

Think about Superman.

Think once again.

Put into bottle.

You're done !

  /.'_______` \
 /( <_______`-'\
 `.`.______  \.'
     `.__ .'

[edit] Magical Objects

[edit] Magical seed

According to an ancient legend, trees would be the source of all candies in the whole world.

There would exist somewhere in the universe a giant tree, which remains unnamed.

This tree would provide its discoverer an infinite flow of candies.

Anyway, we didn't find it yet, but we found that it was possible to craft a magical seed so that it grows a resistant tree. And this can be useful during a quest.

Heat up the water in your cauldron.

Add 650 candies, stop boiling and put the seed into a bottle.

Now, plant some trees !

You can use X*650 candies to have X seeds in a row. There is a 1% chance that the tree you create will be Yggdrasill, a powerful 10,000 HP tree.

[edit] Magical jelly

Did you ever thought about some kind of bomb that you could use during a quest ? If so, then this magical jelly should please you !

It is a bit hard to prepare, but it's quite powerful.

This jelly explodes on contact and deals high damage.

There are three preparation steps which correspond to the three layers of the jelly.

First step : Put 600 candies, boil the water, stop boiling.

Second step : Add 6 000 lollipops, mix, stop mixing.

Third step : Repeat first step.

Note that you can only place the jelly behind you.

Good luck for your quests !

(Gives you 2 jellies)

[edit] The End

Thanks for reading !

We hope this book helped you. Feel free to redistribute it !

Co-authors :

  • the sorceress
  • the necromancer
  • a shoemaker
  • a mathematician
  •  ???

Happy brewing ~

[edit] Combos

If you mix exactly enough candies to satisfy two different recipes, you can make both for half the cost. Currently there are 3 recipe combos which work.

Minor Health Potion & Superman Potion

  • Step one in making minor health potions with bonus superman potions is to put 900 candies in your cauldron. Then mix for around 15 seconds, and tada! Nine minor health pots and five superman potions. This is the cheapest possible way to make the recipe combo.

Invulnerability Potion & Superman Potion

  • Put 18000 candies in your cauldron and mix until your arms hurt. Put in bottles to make 100 superman potions and 9 invulnerability potions. This is the cheapest possible way to make the recipe combo.

Cloning Potion & Seed

  • First, burn the water in your cauldron, then put 869050 candies in. Stop boiling and put into bottles to make 650 cloning potions and 1337 seeds. This is the cheapest way to get the combo without wasting candies. Since cloning potion does not require an exact amount of candies, you can make this combo cheaper.
    • You can put 22750 candies to make 17 cloning potions and 35 seeds. This is almost as efficient as the first recipe, for much cheaper.
    • For the cheapest combo, you can put 1950 candies to make 1 cloning potion and 3 seeds.

These are the cheapest ways to get the combos, but you can multiply the recipe by any whole number and it still works.